FMC #020398F



Intermove ltd. Agents Throughout the World 
The agents in Intermove's overseas network have been selected because of their
proven service capabilities. This will ensure your customer that his or her move will receive the highest quality service at origin or destination. 

Complete Door-To-Door Responsibility and Insurance Coverage 
We arrange all services necessary to assure that prompt and efficient Door-To-Door transportation is provided. Intermove ltd. provides complete Door-To-Door insurance protection underwritten by Lloyds of London.

Assistance Program 
Intermove ltd. can provide - free of charge - the complete team of international
specialists to assist you to develop new business or increase existing business. We
can provide on-site technical assistance for your international moves. The Intermove ltd. expert will provide Customer Relations Services on your behalf, World Wide. 

Toll-Free Phones, Fax Service, Internet Email 
For your convenience, Toll-Free Phone Service is provided directly to our Rate and
Traffic Departments. We are as close to you as your in-house staff. Our
communications Department is also equipped with Internet Email for up-to-the-minute reports on your shipments. 

Status Reports 
Status reports will be provided by our Traffic Department, and forwarded directly to you, traffic managers, sales people, etc. on a regular basis. Your customer will see that you provide complete Door-To-Door service, not just origin or destination services. 

Quality Control Report System at Origin and Destination 
Intermove ltd. will maintain a complete Quality Control Reporting System at origin and destination. This system will be completely objective and will provide you with an additional sales tool. You will see that Intermove ltd. agents will provide your customers with the highest possible service standards available.